Did you know?

Did you know that Madagascar is A: a real place. Yes believe it or not many  people believe it’s a made up name for the amazing animation movie!

B: It is in fact the fourth largest Island in the world.

Where on earth is it I hear you scream??

The island  is just off the southeast-coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean when it broke off from the borders of Mozambique, it allowed for the plants and wildlife of Madagascar to develop in such a unique way that over 90% of the wildlife in Madagascar is found nowhere else on earth.

Madagascar is very unique in it’s ethnic background. There is a mix of Austronesian, Indian, Eastern Africa, Polynesian and Malaysian other groups continued to settle in Madagascar over time, each one making lasting contributions to Malagasy cultural life. The diversity in ethnic races has influenced the cuisine of Madagascar to its exclusive tastes, you’ll find a bit of everything Arabic, French, Asian and African in the differing dishes.



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