Our time on Channel 4 for Sunday Brunch with Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer was epic! A real highlight of our journey so far. Keep a look out for our next steps!! And be sure to visit us for our event on London Food Month with the Evening Standard:-

17th June 2017 59-61 Vyner Street E2 9DQ. Starts 17:00-22:00!


13 thoughts on “SUNDAY BRUNCH CHANNEL 4

  1. Keith Channing says:

    I thank Sunday Brunch for introducing you. I’m just sorry that we have no plans to visit London (or Madagascar!) in the near future. I feel we’re missing out on something special.


    1. Thelemurhouse says:

      Mixed vegetable salad recipe:
      5 Potatoes
      5 carrots
      1 teaspoon salt
      1 beetroot
      3/4 tablespoons mayonnaise
      2 eggs

      Boil potatoes and carrots, drain and mash slightly, leave to cool
      Dice onion and beetroot and add to potatoes and carrot mash and mix with mayonnaise, add salt to taste.
      Boil your eggs and slice them to decorate on top of your mixture, serve on top of a fresh baguette.


  2. Michy Mccandless says:

    Hi my mum is Madagascan and left the country 51 years ago, so it was sooo nice for her to see her childhood dishes being served and advertised on Sunday Brunch. let us know if you do get a restaurant/café set up so we can come and sample these amazing dishes, Michelle


    1. Thelemurhouse says:

      Hi Michelle,

      What a delight to hear! That’s so great that she enjoyed our appearance and the showcase. Do you live in London? Would be lovely to meet you guys, we are always looking to meet Malagasy people. Your welcome to come to our next event on 17th June as part of Evening Standard London Food Month.

      Thanks for getting in touch, it is so nice to hear from other people who appreciate our food and culture.

      Prisca 😊


      1. Michelle mccandless says:

        Hi thanks for your reply

        We don’t live in London, we live outside Cambridge

        Mum is from Majunga too

        She works in M&S Cambridge in the bureau and sometimes gets people asking for Euros as they are off to Madagascar for either a holiday but mostly research and similar trips



  3. Elo says:

    I cannot believe that I find you only today! And sadly I just realised that I just missed the evening standard food month! I am craving for a good ravitoto ! The last time I had one was almost a year ago… Any idea on where I can find gasy food in London please ??


    1. Thelemurhouse says:

      Hey Elo!

      Nice to hear from you. We are the only Malagasy representatives in London I’m afraid! We only do pop up events we don’t have a restaurant just yet but we are working towards having something more permanent in the future. You can follow us on Instagram or twitter @Houselemur to keep updated with our news! Hope to feed you soon. All the best


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