The Lemur House is the first Street Food business bringing the heart of Madagascar to the UK. It is a family run business which dedicates itself to serving the most mouth watering and delicious dishes inspired by the Malagasy culture.

The first of its kind, we promise not to disappoint! Our aim is to feed hungry mouths with a result that will leave you wanting more each time. After all, it’s not fair to keep such great feasts just to the confides of our own house and kitchen table…

You’ve probably heard about the movie, but as for the food…? Come and try for yourselves!

We will be up and running very soon as for now this blog is set up for you to have an insight on the culture, food and essence of The Lemur House… so watch out for the name and festivals we will be appearing in and of course most importantly….THE FOOD.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. Kenneth Brownell says:

    I read about you in today’s Evening Standard. My wife and I travel to Madagascar every year to work with a mission hospital in Mandritsara. My wife is a doctor and helps in the hospital itself and I am Baptist pastor who helps train local pastors (by translation). We would love to come along on 17 June and perhaps bring some people who have been to the hospital. We live in Hackney so it is not far away.


    1. Thelemurhouse says:

      Hi Kenneth, what a delight! Thank you so much for your message. We to are Christians and have great hopes for The Lemur House in the future. We are actually based in Hackney as well. Would be lovely to see you there! The venue that the event is taking place is actually my local church so if you ever wanted to meet before the event, then please do feel free. What your doing sounds incredible! Great to see you love Madagascar as much as we do and have a passion for it.


      1. Charlene says:

        Hi there,

        I am trying to organise a Malagasy food and quiz night for a small charity fundraiser in the middle of September.

        I was wondering if I could get some of your help or advice about this as I’ve been reading about you and think what you do is really great!!


  2. Finn Deacon says:

    Great presentation to both of you. Its a shame that the hosts weren’t briefed that there is no such word as ‘Madagascan’. The likes of Sainsbury’s have totally ignored our plea’s to amend the spelling on their delicious desserts made with Malagasy vanilla. Pah!
    I love all things Malagasy, especially my wife and her amazing family.
    Hoping to meet you both on the 17th
    Finn and Fid


    1. Thelemurhouse says:

      Hey Finn!

      Thank you so much for your message. I know, it’s frustrating that people don’t know the correct phrasing. That’s great that you are educated on Madagascar! It’s always a pleasure to meet people who love our homeland!

      Looking forward to meeting you and your lovely family!



      1. Finn Deacon says:

        Hi Prisca, many thanks for your lovely reply.
        Can we just confirm…do we need to buy tickets for Saturday?


      2. Thelemurhouse says:

        Hey Finn!

        There are no tickets you need to get the event is free but obviously the food you would have to pay for. Meals range between £8-10 and snacks between £1-£5.



  3. Erwan says:


    I would like to know if you will be somewhere in London late July (27 to 30)?
    I would like to eat some your fantastic gasy food!




    1. Thelemurhouse says:

      Hi Erwan

      So lovely to hear from you! Thank you for your request. Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have a regular venue as of yet, we are just a pop up. However if anything comes up around that date I’ll be sure to let you know.

      Many thanks


      1. Erwan says:

        So sad, I hope you will find a great and permanent spot where we can enjoy your food!


  4. Michael Davis says:

    Hey I lived in Madagascar for 2 years and love the food and language and culture and everything about Madagascar in general. I live in Scotland but go to London every so often for a few days. Do you have a shop or restaurant that sells malagasy stuff? I would love to visit if there was such a place.



    1. Thelemurhouse says:

      Hey Michael!! Thanks for getting in touch. That’s amazing that you love Madagascar. It’s always lovely to hear that people appreciate our country. Our main goal is to have a restaurant and that is what we are aiming towards. In the meantime you can catch us at our next supper club which is on 30th April in Southwark at a cafe called Over The Road Cafe, 229 Union street SE1 0LR. It starts from 19:00-22:00 you can get tickets through this link

      (these supper clubs happen once a month at the same place and time)

      We are also doing weekly markets at Brick Lane on Saturday’s.

      And we have a pop up event on May 28th bank holiday Monday collaborating with team Pop Up Africa at Spitalfields. You can keep up with all our events on instagram if you have it @Houselemur or twitter @Houselemur

      Failing that, if you know the date you are coming, drop us an e-mail at and address it to Nina (who is our head chef) we can cook you something to takeaway.

      Hope this information helps


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